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Our Goal Is To Get You Out of Pain with no Drugs or Surgery

So you can be more human.

Hello, My name is Evan Litchfield, Founder of Pre-Post Wellness, and your lead trainer and therapist. With Pre-Post Wellness, my goal, through our services and expertise, is to allow people to be human again, do the things they used to be able to do before aches and pains set in. I want people to Move and be active at any level. Whether they want to hike, bike, play a sport on weekends, go to the gym or simply play with their children, pets or pick up groceries without pain.

My goal is your success in achieving  a pain-free and healthy living. Let the journey begin, today!

Posture Therapy Program Enables You To

Understand Your Own Body and build Muscle Awareness

Understand the Pain Signal and its Source

to Eliminate the Root Cause 

Become Pain-Free, Regain the Ability to Move Freely and Well

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